Connie “Paprika” Leaverton is an award-winning producer/ director with Walkabout Productions, her company that she established in 1987 in Los Angeles after working for Steven Spielberg, Disney Studios and Universal Studios.   She has produced videos all over the world ranging from the DVD release of ‘Trailblazers: Women Who Juggle” to music videos, commercials, corporate educational to online YouTube releases. 

Her television production degree from Texas Tech, where she was President of the television organization ITVA, helped launch her career into movies when she moved to Los Angeles in 1984 and worked for many years in production for film and TV studios.

She was drawn back home to Texas and moved to Austin in 1989 while maintaining her production company Walkabout.  To this day, she has won over 20 awards for her educational and insightful videos. 

She continues to produce, shoot and direct her own films and documentaries recently finishing her 2nd documentary “Hiko in Tonga” which tells the story of the unusual culture of women jugglers in Tonga.

Presently she is searching for distribution and attending film festivals while developing her next projects.

Her expertise as a director and ease with working with professional and non-professional talent, gives her a strong final product on screen, that communicates fully the purpose of the video utilizing high visual integrity and a very personal approach to each video she produces.

She is also a comedy juggler and magician traveling the world whenever possible.


All photos on this site were taken mostly by Paprika Leaverton or some friendly person passing by…